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A book like none other has recently been added to the offerings from Bimini Twist Adventures, Inc. This is a collection of stories written by today's biggest names in offshore fishing. Each of these living legends tells his favorite stories of adventure after decades of experience on the bridge. The men involved in this effort read like the Who's Who of big game fishing. Peter Bristow writes about his experiences with JoJo DelGuercio on the Great Barrier Reef. Skip Smith writes about breaking line class world records for swords while fishing off Africa. Peter Wright's article is about a race to save the life of his angler after a black marlin spears the man through the chest 1,000 miles from the nearest hospital. Some of the stories have been told before and some of them are already legend. Many of us know about Bobby Brown backing down over his wireman in Kona, but this is the first time you can read about it in his own words. (The mate survived uninjured.) And Bart Miller and his crew took down a blue marlin weighing 1,656 pounds, the second largest blue marlin ever taken on a rod and reel.

Added to this list are such great names as Ron Hamlin, Brazakka,
Kevin Nakamaru, Bark Garnsey, Bouncer Smith, Billy Harrison and George Poveromo. Each of these famous captains has provided one or more of their favorite stories to Patrick Mansell who has compiled them into a single book that could possibly be one of the most important collections of fishing stories ever assembled. Mansell is the author of the Bimini Twist Adventure series of books as well as several other books outside the series.

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